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What's new in Diffusion Cloud 6.7?

The latest version of Diffusion™ Cloud contains new features, performance enhancements and bug fixes.

A complete list of the latest updates and known issues can be found in the Release Notes available at http://docs.pushtechnology.com/docs/6.7.4/ReleaseNotice.html.

Session trees

Diffusion's best-in-class data wrangling capabilities continue to grow with the addition of session trees.

A session tree is a custom view of the topic tree presented to an individual client session. Each session can be presented with a unique session tree based on its session properties.

This powerful new feature makes it even easier to tailor your solution to meet security, optimization and personalization requirements.

For more information, see Session trees.

CDC database adapter

You can now easily connect Diffusion Cloud to a wider range of data sources. The new Change Data Capture adapter enables easy, real-time streaming of data changes from relational databases to JSON topics within Diffusion.

The adapter uses Debezium to provide a wide range of configuration options. MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are tested and officially supported for production use.

For more information, see CDC database adapter.

Missing topic notifications from remote servers

Remote topic views are a powerful way to share data between remote servers. They were introduced in Diffusion 6.5, enabling your real-time application to overcome geographical distance and firewalls.

This release improves the support for missing topic notifications when using a remote topic view. Notifications are now propagated in the same way as the older fan-out system.

This means that remote topic views are now a full replacement for fan-out, which is deprecated in this release.

JSON patch clause for topic views

You can now use topic views to apply a JSON patch to the values within a JSON topic.

This enables you to use all the power of the JSON Patch standard to transform and wrangle topic data.

For more information, see Patch clause.

Other improvements

There are many more new features and improvements, including: a new topic view "type" clause enabling you to change the topic type of generated reference topics; dramatically improved performance when replicating time series topics; the ability to create and maintain metric collectors from the client APIs, not just the management console; and support in the C SDK for closing sessions by specifying a session ID.


Some older features are now deprecated:
  • Routing topics (you should now use the more powerful session trees)
  • Fan-out (you should now use remote topic views)
  • Callbacks in the Java and .NET SDKs

See Upgrading from version 6.6 to version 6.7 and the release notes at http://docs.pushtechnology.com/docs/6.7.4/ReleaseNotice.html for full details.