Diffusion Apple API  6.10.0
Unified Client Library for iOS, tvOS and OS X / macOS
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Diffusion Apple API Documentation

The Diffusion Apple Unified client library enables interaction with a Diffusion server from iOS, tvOS and OS X / macOS applications.

The library has been developed against Apple's Foundation Framework (a.k.a. Cocoa), providing support for developers targetting both desktop and mobile-derived platforms. The API is the same for all platforms. There are no platform-specific interfaces.

For each platform, the library is supplied as a universal (multi-architecture) framework encapsulating API headers and dynamic library binary:

Getting Started

For basic instructions on how to get connected to a Diffusion server see Quick Start.

Development Environment

Runtime Support

Diffusion Protocols:

URL Scheme Protocol Default TCP Port
ws WebSocket 80
wss Secure WebSocket 443

Minimum deployment targets:

Operating System Version
iOS 9.0
OS X / macOS 10.11
tvOS 9.0

Processor Architectures:

Apple SDK Included arch_type slices
OS X / macOS (macosx) x86_64
iOS (iphoneos) armv7, armv7s, arm64
iOS Simulator (iphonesimulator) i386, x86_64
tvOS (appletvos) arm64
tvOS Simulator (appletvsimulator) x86_64