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The Diffusion Python library allows Python applications to interact with a Diffusion server.

Supported Python Versions

The Diffusion Python SDK 6.10.1 officially supports the following interpreters:

  • CPython 3.7.8 or later
  • CPython 3.8.5 or later

We recommend using the latest available patch version of the Python interpreter.

Installing the Diffusion client

The easiest way to install the latest version is:

$ pip install diffusion

It is possible to install a specific version, for example if you need one that works with the previous version of the Diffusion server:

$ pip install diffusion==${product.short-numeric.version}

Alternatively, the package is also available in the clients directory of the Diffusion installation:

$ pip install clients/python/diffusion-${product.short-numeric.version}-py3-none-any.whl