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Installing the Diffusion server using Docker

Diffusion™ is available as a Docker® image from Docker Hub.

You must have Docker installed on your system to run Diffusion from a Docker image. For more information, see https://docs.docker.com/userguide/ .

You can use Docker to install the Diffusion server, and a minimal complete set of its dependencies, on a Linux™ system. This image contains a Diffusion server with a trial license and default configuration and security.

Using Docker enables you to install the Diffusion server in an isolated and reproducible way.

  1. Pull the latest version of the Diffusion image.
    docker pull pushtechnology/docker-diffusion:6.7.4

    If you receive an error about the license file, check you are pulling the latest version available.

  2. Run the image.
    docker run -p 8080:8080 image_id
    Where image_id is the ID of the image to run. You can find the image ID using
    docker images

    Port 8080 is the port that is configured to allow client connections by default.

Diffusion is now running in a container on your system. Clients can connect through port 8080.
Note: This Diffusion instance contains well known security principals and credentials. Do not use it in production without changing these values.