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Installed files

After installing Diffusion™ the following directory structure exists:

Table 1. Installed files
Folder name Contents
adapters Adapters to connect Diffusion to other messaging systems:
  • JMS
  • Push Notifications
bin Executables for starting Diffusion
clients Client Diffusion API libraries and related artifacts for all supported platforms.

Files used by the console, and third-party components.

This directory is always on the server classpath.


The compiled DAR files and source code for the demos issued with Diffusion.

For more information, see Demos.


If you selected during the install process to deploy the demos, the demo DAR files are in this directory.

docs License information, release notes, and install notes.

Diffusion initial configuration files and store files for security configuration.

The Security.store and SystemAuthentication.store are not the working configuration files, which are stored in the persistence directory. However, if the server has never been started, there are no files in persistence, and the files in this directory are copied into persistence on first startup.

For more information, see Configuring your Diffusion server.

examples Example code that uses the Diffusion APIs.
ext This directory, together with any jar files in this directory or subdirectories, are available through the classloader used to deploy application code to the Diffusion server. You can add library jar files to this directory that are required by application code such as local authentication handlers.
html Files that are used by the default web server for issuables accessible through the browser.
lib The main Diffusion server JAR file, third-party libraries, and additional server-side components.
logs The directory to which Diffusion server and web server logs are written.

Tools and utilities that help with testing and deploying Diffusion.

For more information, see Tools and utilities

xsd The schema files for the XML configuration files used by the server.

Tools and utilities

The following table describes the some of the contents of the tools directory.
Note: The files present and their suffixes vary according to the platform that the product is installed on.
Table 2. Tools and utilities
Tool Description
/systemd Sample systemd files to start the Diffusion server as daemon on Linux™ systems.
war.xml Example war.xml file
web.xml and sun-web.xml Example web.xml files