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JMS adapter

The JMS adapter for Diffusion™, enables Diffusion clients to transparently send data to and receive data from destinations (topics and queues) on a JMS server.

JMS adapter

The JMS adapter comprises the following files all located in the adapters/jms directory of your Diffusion installation:
This JAR file contains the Diffusion Java™ application that links the Diffusion server and a JMS server.
This file is used to configure the JMS adapter.
This JSON schema file can be used to validate configuration.json.
This file contains details on how to run the adapter.
jms_adapter.sh and jms_adapter.bat
These executable files can be used to start the JMS adapter when running it as a standalone client on UNIX®, Linux™, or Windows™ systems.

The JMS adapter can be run as a client on any system that has a Java 8 JRE installed on it - Java 8 (8u131-b11 GA or later) or Java 11 (11.0.3 GA or later) is recommended.

Using the JMS adapter

To use the JMS adapter, first configure it by editing configuration.json to define the adapter behavior. For more information, see Configuring the JMS adapter.

To run the adapter, use the .sh or .bat file. For more information, see Running the JMS adapter.