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MQTT support

Diffusion™ supports MQTT clients connecting to the Diffusion server to send and receive topic data, with no extra code required on the client.


Diffusion supports the MQTT 5.0 protocol. MQTT is a popular messaging standard for communicating with Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

MQTT clients can publish and subscribe to Diffusion topics.

MQTT is widely supported and works on low-powered devices. It is useful for communicating with devices that are unable to run a Diffusion client SDK, or in applications where you are unable to install code on remote devices.

Using Diffusion instead of a standard MQTT broker enables you to take advantage of advanced Diffusion features such as:
  • Server-side data processing with topic views
  • Monitoring and management using the Diffusion management console, JMX and/or Prometheus
  • High-availability and scaling
  • Diffusion's fine-grained security model
  • Automatic topic removal and missing topic notifications
  • Control of MQTT sessions from clients developed with the Diffusion SDKs

Using MQTT

For full details of the capabilities and limitations of MQTT support, see Using MQTT.

Configuring MQTT

MQTT support is enabled by default. For details of how to enable or disable MQTT, see Configuring MQTT.