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Configuring topic persistence

Use the Server.xml configuration file to configure the topic persistence feature.

  1. Edit this section of the etc/Server.xml file to configure persistence.
        <persistence enabled="false">
    • In the persistence element, set the enabled property to true to enable persistence. Removing the enabled property will also enable persistence.
    • By default, log files will be created in a directory called persistence in the Diffusion™ installation directory. If you want to use a different directory, uncomment the store-directory element and enter the full path to the directory where you want the files to be stored.
  2. Restart the Diffusion server to load the configuration.

Enabling persistence creates log files which can use a significant amount of file storage. Make sure to monitor the amount of space available in the server file system. See Topic persistence for information about the approximate storage requirements.

If you want to back up or restore the persistence log, you should stop the Diffusion server.

When enabled, persistence is applied to all topics by default. You can disable persistence for an individual topic using the PERSISTENT topic property.