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Programmatic configuration

An alternative to configuring a Diffusion™ server using XML property files is to instantiate a Diffusion server within a Java™ application and configure it with the Server API before starting it.

If desired, some properties can be loaded from XML files and some supplied programmatically or default properties can be bootstrapped from XML files and overridden programmatically before the server is started.

Most server properties can be configured only before the server is started. Instantiate the server within an application and configure before starting the server. However, certain configuration items can be configured at any time during the life of the server. The API documentation makes it clear if a property can be changed at runtime.

Because the properties that can be set programmatically reflect those that can be set in XML this section does not describe the properties in detail. The XSD property descriptions or the Server API documentation can be consulted for full details.

As well as allowing configuration properties to be set the configuration API also allows all properties that can be configured to be read at runtime.