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What's new in Diffusion 6.9?

The latest version of Diffusion™ contains new features, performance enhancements and bug fixes.

A complete list of the latest updates and known issues can be found in the Release Notes available at http://docs.diffusiondata.com/docs/6.9.1/ReleaseNotice.html

Remote Server Reverse Connections

Previously, remote server connections would be initiated from the secondary server, connecting to a primary server (or cluster) with no need for any configuration at the primary server.

With this release, a new mechanism for the connection of remote servers has been introduced which may be used in situations where inbound connection to back-end (primary) servers is not allowed for reasons of security. In this mode, a primary server (or cluster) makes a 'reverse' connection to the secondary server (or servers) which then establishes a secure connection over the same network channel. New remote server types that are defined at both; the primary and secondary servers have been introduced.

See the Remote servers featurefor complete details.

Intial connection retry strategy

Previously, if a Diffusion client failed to connect to a server, it would have to detect a transient connection exception, and then retry the connection. This led to boilerplate code being necessary in all client applications.

With this release, client applications have the ability to define an initial connection retry strategy which allows the client connection to be automatically retried a number of times, or until it succeeds.

Metrics improvements

Several new metrics have been added, covering:

  • the number of topic values stored
  • the memory overhead relating to each remote server
  • the number of bytes used for file persistence

The bytes topic metric no longer double-counts bytes shared between a reference topic and a source topic.

Topic metrics can now be grouped by topic view.

Gateway framework

The Gateway Framework, which was previously released as a beta, with a dependency on 6.8 is now to be released as a general release version 1.0.0 with a dependency upon Diffusion 6.9. The Kafka adapter, CDC adapter, and REST adapter (using the Gateway Framework) will now also be released as separate general release products.

Other improvements

Communication between servers in a cluster now supports TLS.

There is a new connector 'readiness' condition which may be used to prevent a connector from being available until the persistence restore is complete.

More functionality has been added to the Python client API.


The logs.xml configuration file in the server has been deprecated. The settings that were within it, may now be configured in server.xml.


The bundled Kafka and CDC adapters have been removed. New Gateway Framework compatible versions of these adapters are available as separate downloads.

The deprecated date formatting API in the server has now been removed.