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Client types

Diffusion™ provides APIs for many languages and platforms. Some of these APIs have different levels of capability.

A client's type is a combination of the API it uses and the protocol it uses to connect to the Diffusion server .

Clients can also connect using the MQTT protocol instead of an API.


Use this API to develop browser or Node.js™ clients.
Use this API to develop clients in Objective-C for iOS , tvOS , or macOS .
Use this API to develop mobile clients in Java™ .
Use this API to develop Java clients.
Use this API to develop clients in C#.
Use this API to develop C clients for Linux , Windows , or macOS .
Use this API to develop Python clients.


The following protocols, and their secure versions, are available:
The WebSocket implementation provides a browser-based full duplex connection, built on top of WebSocket framing. This complies with the WebSocket standards and is usable with any load balancer or proxy with support for WebSocket .
HTTP Polling
The HTTP polling protocol uses HTTP requests with header m=1 to poll the server and HTTP requests with header m=2 to send messages to the server.
Table 1. Supported protocols by client
Client WebSocket HTTP Polling
JavaScript API Supported Supported
Apple API Supported  
Android API Supported Supported
Java API Supported Supported
.NET API Supported  
C API Supported  
Python API Supported  

MQTT clients can connect via WebSocket or TCP.