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Conflation of messages is the facility to reduce the amount of information sent to clients by combining or discarding updates.

The server has a separate outbound queue for each client session.

Using conflation, the server examines the outbound queue and removes or combines updates which are stale or redundant.

Conflation is an optional feature that can be applied selectively to certain topics or client sessions.

Advantages of message conflation

Conflation can reduce the server memory footprint as well as the amount of network data transmitted.

It can also prevent sessions being closed due to the maximum queue size limit being exceeded.

Considerations when using conflation

  • Do not use conflation if there are relationships or dependencies between topics. Conflation alters the order of updates. If a conflated topic is temporally or causally related to another topic, conflation can cause unwanted behavior.
  • Do not use conflation if individual updates carry forensic storage or audit trail requirements.