Monitoring the adapter

Prerequisite: See Gateway Application metrics for a generic overview on support of metrics in a Gateway Application

The adapter supports exposing metrics which can be used to monitor the adapter. This is disabled by default and may be enabled in the configuration file under the global section as follows.

"global": {
    "framework": {
        "metrics": {
            "enabled": true

The metrics for the adapter are exposed as:

The following types of metrics are exposed by the adapter:

  1. JVM and system metrics

  2. Metrics exposed by the Gateway Framework

  3. Adapter metrics specific to source service which are:

    • Service/runtime metrics:

      • start counter

      • stop counter

      • pause counter

      • resume counter

    • Poll request metrics:

      • poll request invocation counter

      • poll request success counter

      • poll request failed counter

      • poll bytes returned summary

      • poll duration time

      • unmapped data counter

    • Publish metrics:

      • publish invocation counter

      • publish success counter

      • publish failed counter

      • publish duration timer

    • Poll and publish (end to end):

      • poll and publish invocation counter

      • success counter

      • failed counter

      • poll and publish (full cycle) duration timer