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Interface Schema

A RecordV2 schema.

A schema describes data content in terms of one or more record definitions. A record definition describes the layout of a record and comprises one or more field definitions.

Within the data content there can be multiple occurrences of a record or field described by a single definition. The defined (or allowed, when describing variable numbers) number of occurrences of each definition is referred to as its 'multiplicity'. The multiplicity can be fixed (the item occurs a fixed number of times), or variable (the item occurs from a minimum number of times to a maximum number of times). If a variable field is used it must be the last in a record definition and if a variable record is used it must be the last in the schema definition.

A field may be defined as of type 'string', 'integer' or 'decimal'. A decimal type has a further property of 'scale' which defines the number of digits to the right of the decimal point.

A schema can be obtained from RecordV2DataType.parseSchema or from a SchemaBuilder




  • Schema




  • asJSON(): any
  • Returns the schema in a JSON format

    Returns any

    schema in JSON format


  • Create a mutable model based upon the schema.

    The model will be created with all mandatory record occurrences and all mandatory field occurrences initialized to default values.

    Such a model may be mutated and used to generate updated RecordV2 occurrences for updating purposes.

    Returns MutableRecordModel

    a new initialized model


  • Returns an immutable, ordered list of record definitions.

    There will be at least one.

    Returns Record[]

    a list of the record definitions in the schema