Diffusion C API  6.8.3
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types Directory Reference


file  client_details_types.h
 Types used for client (and by extension, session) details.
file  common_types.h
 Common types that don't fit anywhere else.
file  content_types.h
 Structures representing content types (e.g., used for updating topics).
file  conversation_types.h
 Definitions for types representing conversations and conversation IDs.
file  error_types.h
 Types and structures relating to reported errors.
file  messaging_types.h
 Types used across messaging and messaging control.
file  security_types.h
 Constants and types relating to security and authorisation functions.
file  service_types.h
 This file lists the types of services supported by Diffusion (although some of these may not yet be supported by the C API) and associated structures.
file  session_types.h
 Types to describe a session, its parameters and related functions.
file  topic_types.h
 Types relating to topic messages and service messages.
file  transport_types.h
 Structures and definitions specific to transport related functions.
file  update_types.h