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Interface RemoteServerBuilder

A remote server builder.

A builder of this type may be created using newRemoteServerBuilder and used to create instances of RemoteServer that can be supplied to createRemoteServer(RemoteServer).




  • RemoteServerBuilder




  • Specifies a single connection option.

    This will add to the options currently specified to the builder, or replace a value if it has already been specified.


    • connectionOption: ConnectionOption

      the connection option

    • Optional value: string | null

      the connection option value. If argument is omitted or null the option is removed

    Returns RemoteServerBuilder

    this builder


  • Specifies a map of ConnectionOption settings.

    This will replace any options currently set for the builder.

    Any options not supplied will take their default values.

    If no connection options are specified, either using this method or connectionOption then all options will take their default value.


    Returns RemoteServerBuilder

    this builder


  • Creates a remote server object using the current values known to this builder.


    • name: string

      the name of the remote server

    • url: string

      the URL to use to connect to the primary server

    Returns RemoteServerDefinition

    a new remote server instance


  • Specifies the credentials to use when connecting to the primary server.

    The default, if not specified, is undefined.


    Returns RemoteServerBuilder

    this builder


  • Specifies a topic selector expression which will filter missing topic notifications propagated from secondary to primary server.

    MissingTopicNotifications are notified when a client subscribes using a topic selector that matches no existing topics. By specifying a missing topic notification filter all notifications that match the filter on the secondary server will be propagated to the primary server.

    A match occurs if the path prefix of the subscription selector matches the path prefix of the specified selector. If the selector is a selector set then the notification will be propagated if it matches any selector in the set.

    If no filter is specified then no missing topic notifications will be propagated.

    The special selector expression "*.*" may be used to indicate that all missing topic notifications should be propagated.

    Only the path prefix of the specified selector(s) is considered when matching therefore any use of regular expressions would be ignored.


    • filter: string | null

      a topic selector expression specifying the filter to apply or null to remove any existing filter

    Returns RemoteServerBuilder

    this builder


  • Specifies the name of a principal used by the remote server to connect to the primary server.

    The default, if not specified, is the anonymous principal.


    • principal: string

      principal name or a zero length string to indicate an anonymous connection

    Returns RemoteServerBuilder

    this builder


  • Reset the builder.

    Returns RemoteServerBuilder

    this Builder