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This is a preview release showcasing some of the features planned for the full release of the same version. It is supported for production use, but some features may be in beta and not ready for production.

Diffusion SDKs

SDKs are the same for Cloud and on-premise. Use these if your Cloud service is on version .
If you have an older service, select the appropriate version at the top of this page.

Gateway Framework

The Gateway Framework is a platform on which to build integration adapters to Diffusion in a consistent way.
It automatically handles communication with Diffusion, and provides facilities for common requirements,
such as logging and configuration, and provides integration with the Diffusion managaement console.

Ready-to-use adapters using the Gateway Framework are also provided:

REST Adapter

Manual Download

CDC Adapter

Manual Download

Kafka Adapter

Manual Download

Redis Adapter

Manual Download

Diffusion Adapter

Manual Download

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