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Using the Diffusion server installer in graphical mode

You can install Diffusion™ by running the installer. The Diffusion installer is available from the Push Technology website.

You must have Java 8 (8u131-b11 GA or later) or Java 11 (11.0.3 GA or later) installed on your system to run the installer.

The following assumes you are using a graphical display to access the computer to which you want to install Diffusion. For installation from a non-graphical command line, see Using the Diffusion server installer in headless mode.

To install Diffusion, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Diffusion download page at https://www.pushtechnology.com/developers/releases/6.7 in a web browser. Click on the Download Diffusion link and download the diffusion-installer-6.7.4.jar file to a temporary directory.
  2. In the temporary directory, double-click the diffusion-installer-6.7.4.jar file.
    Depending on the installation platform, you may first need to set the file to be executable, and you may need to accept warnings about running a file downloaded from the Internet.
    The graphical installer launches.
  3. At the Location step, select the install destination.
    Use a new directory for each installation. Click Next.
  4. At the Components step, select the components you want to install
    Click Next.
  5. Diffusion will be installed. Click Next.
    Review the information presented in the Summary page. It contains instructions on how to start the Diffusion server, and how to install a different license file.
    Click Done to exit the graphical installer.
You have successfully downloaded and installed Diffusion.
  • Edit the configuration of your Diffusion server to suit your requirements. For more information, see Configuring your Diffusion server.
  • Start your Diffusion server using the start up scripts located in the bin directory of your Diffusion installation.

    If you are using Java 8, run the diffusion.bat file, if on Windows™, or the diffusion.sh file, if on Linux™ or OS X®/macOS®.

    If you are using Java 11, run the diffusion_java11.bat file, if on Windows, or the diffusion_java11.sh file, if on Linux or OS X/macOS.