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Installing the Diffusion server using Red Hat Package Manager

Diffusion™ is available as an Redhat Package Manager (RPM) file from the Push Technology website.

On Linux™ systems that have Red Hat® Package Manager installed, you can use it to install Diffusion.
  1. Go to the Diffusion download page:
  2. Click on the following download link to download the required RPM file:
    • Diffusion RPM (diffusion-n.n.n_build.noarch.rpm)
  3. Copy this file to a temporary directory on the system where Diffusion is to be installed.
  4. In the terminal window, change to the directory where the Diffusion RPM file is located.
  5. Type the following command:
    rpm -ivh diffusion-n.n.n_build.noarch.rpm
    where n.n.n is the Diffusion release number and build is an additional string containing numbers to represent the build level.
Diffusion is installed in the following directory: /opt/Diffusion. A startup script is installed in the /etc/init.d directory that enables Diffusion to start when you start the system.

Your Diffusion installation includes a development license that allows connections from up to five clients. To use Diffusion in production, you can obtain a production license from .

Copy the license file into the /etc directory of your Diffusion installation.