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Verifying the Diffusion installation

Start your Diffusion™ server, review the logs, and connect to the console to verify that your installation is correct.

After installation, all of the Diffusion files are available in the directory specified during installation.
  1. Start the Diffusion server using one of the start script located in the bin directory of your Diffusion installation.
    • On Windows™, use the diffusion.bat file.
    • On Linux™, macOS®, or UNIX®, use the diffusion.sh file.
  2. Inspect the log messages to ensure that the Diffusion server started successfully.
    The terminal window displays logging information about the status of the Diffusion server. A log message containing the following text indicates that the server started successfully: INFO|main|PUSH0165|Diffusion Server started.|com.pushtechnology.diffusion.DiffusionController This line is typically the last one to be printed on terminal.
  3. Inspect all log messages displayed in the terminal to search for WARN messages to ensure that all components have started correctly.
  4. Open a browser and navigate to http://serverAddress:8080 (or http://localhost:8080)
    The browser shows the Diffusion landing page.
    Screenshot of the Diffusion landing page
    The landing page provides links to information regarding legal terms and conditions (for example, EULA), user guides, API documentation and demos.

    The Diffusion server is ready to be used.

  5. If you chose to install the demos, you can access them from the landing page.