This section defines additional configuration that applies to the application as a whole. It is a JSON object (map) with two keys, framework and application. The application values allowed are as defined by the application itself and will be passed to the application when it is initialized by the framework.
The framework values that may be supplied are as follows:

Key Description Default


The number of threads to create in the thread pool used by the framework.

The number of available processors.


Mode of the application that defines whether configuration and state of application can be changed during runtime. This can be STATIC or DYNAMIC.
With STATIC mode, neither configuration/state of application can be changed during runtime whereas they are allowed in DYNAMIC mode. See Application mode for more detail



The metrics configuration to be used for the application. See metrics configuration for more details

Example: global section

"global": {
    "framework": {
        "threadPoolSize": 4,
        "mode": "STATIC",
        "metrics": {
            "enabled": true,
            "filterMetricsPrefixes": [
    "application": {}