Service status

The Gateway Framework offers a built-in mechanism called "statuses" to monitor the state and status of the Gateway application and its services. These statuses capture various events that take place within a service instance, such as subscribing to a Diffusion topic, publishing to a Diffusion topic, encountering publishing failures, or transitioning a service from an active to paused state. These events are recorded and displayed in the Diffusion management console as a comprehensive list specific to each service. By aggregating the events from multiple services, an overall application status is presented.

While certain service statuses are internally set by the framework itself, application developers also have the ability to manually add the status for a service. This enables developers to provide additional insights into the state of the services. All statuses associated with a particular service instance are subsequently gathered and presented in the Diffusion console.

Each status consists of a level, title, description, and timestamp that specifies when the event occurred.

Status Level

Status level can be GREEN, AMBER or RED depending on the severity of an event.


The GREEN status signifies the normal functioning of the service. When events such as successful subscription to a Diffusion topic or publication to a Diffusion topic occur, a status with a green level and details of the event, is set for the service.


The AMBER status indicates that the service instance is still working, but has encountered a problem which may affect its ability to provide a full service. Amber status is set for events such as, if a service is paused or if publishing to a Diffusion topic has failed or if update processing in sink service fails with error.


The RED status indicates a severe issue with processing data in the application. Red statuses are explicitly set by the application developer, for scenarios like failing to connect to external services. When a Red status is set for a service, the service will be paused immediately, to prevent any failure to data processing and data loss. Hence, the application developers should ensure that, once the issue is resolved, a green status is set for the service to resume the service.